Central Maine Orthopedics Surgery Center Exclusion Criteria

Reviewed May 11, 2013
Author: Epstein

Description: Patient Exclusion Criteria for CMO, the Surgery Center for Central Maine Orthopedics


A significant factor in determining good patient outcome at Outpatient Surgical Centers is proper patient selection. Some Spectrum sites have developed specific criteria to assist Staff in proper patient selection.

Patient Restrictions

At CMO, rather than enforcing a strict criteria list for exclusion of patients, Staff are encouraged to look at each patient on a case-by-case basis. The type of surgery and the degree of sedation or anesthesia required are weighed against factors like BMI, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, and other medical co-morbidities. The facility may request preoperative chart reviews for patients with various issues (BMI, Sleep Apnea, medical co-morbidities) to assess their appropriateness for the facility.

The anesthesiologist may determine whether the patient needs to come in for an interview or airway assessment, depending on type of surgery and co-morbidities. For example, a BMI 45 patient may not need an interview for a MAC Carpal Tunnel release, but would need to be seen for a procedure involving General Anesthesia.