Heart Room Drugs
Quick Tips

Updated December 30, 2013
Author: VerLee

Description: Quick Summaries of drugs most frequently used in the cardiovascular setting

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**for ventricular arrhythmias, and atrial fibrillation prophylaxis;
**May cause dramatic hypotension with concurrent alpha blockade

Cardizem Drip for Free Radial Artery Grafts

-mix 125 mg in 100c NaCl bag with additional 25 cc NaCl -run @ 2mg/hr (2cc/hr), start on patient warming


Lidocaine Bolus & Drip

100 mg bolus IV

2gm /250 cc (8 mg/ml); run at 1-4 mg/min (7-30 cc/hr)


Nitric Oxide, Inhaled

Cam Clark 7/8/99

-therapeutic range 20-80 ppm; no increased benefit from higher concentration<br>

-once started, must wean gradually to avoid rebound

Toxicity of NO- Methemoglobinemia; rarely an issue clinically

- circuit: essentially a modified BAIN

-call :

-Landry, Jim Smith, or resp therapist on-call to help you set it up.


Procainamide (Pronestyl)

Bolus:100 mg IV q 10 minutes or Drip: 2 grams/250 ml D5W (8 mg /ml) -run infusion at 20 mg/min (150 cc/hr) until:

  1. QRS or PR widens >50%, or
  2. Dysrhythmia suppressed, or
  3. Hypotension, or
  4. Total of 17 mg/kg or 1000 mg infused

Then 2-6 mg/min (15-45 cc/hr)