Updated April 28, 2013
Author: University of Michigan

Description: Milrinone, phosphodiesterase inhibitor, inotrope

Milrinone:Quick Summary

Milrinone is a bipyridine derivative and an analogue of amrinone with 15 to 30 times the potency. It is an inotropic agent used in the treatment of congestive heart failure (CHF) .

Mechanisms of Action


  • increases cardiac output,
  • decreases PCWP, and
  • decreases systemic vascular resistance in patients with CHF.
  • It also has peripheral vasodilator effects and diastolic relaxant activity.
  • These actions appear to be related to the dose and plasma concentration of milrinone.

Preparation and Dose

  • comes premixed from pharmacy at 200 mcg/cc
  • loading dose 50 mcg/kg over 10-20 min
  • then 0.5 mcg/kg/min maintenance


  • Loading Dose: Body Weight(kg)/4= cc over 20'
  • Maintenance: 0.15xBody Weight(kg) = cc/hr

Milrinone: Detailed Description (pdf)