Edrophonium (Tensilon®)

Updated March 28, 2014
Author: VerLee; Source: Stoeling 1999, Miller 2013

Description: Clinical Tips for medical edrophonium, especially as related to the practice of anesthesia

Mechanism of Action



Clinical Uses & Dosing for Edrophonium

Typical Dosing of Edrophonium with Anticholinergics
Degree of Blockade (Train of Four) Edrophonium Atropine Glycopyrrolate
1/4 TOF Present 1.5 mg/kg 21 mcg/kg due to slower response, not the preferred anticholinergic
2-3/4 TOF Present 1 mg/kg 14 mcg/kg
4/4 TOF Present 0.5 mg/kg 7 mcg/kg

Caveats for Edrophonium