Tramadol (Ultram)

Updated February 17, 2014
Author: Paula McKinley RN

Description: Tramadol as an analgesic

  • Description: Analgesic,weak mu agonist, with additonal properties of Noreipinephrine & Epinephrine reuptake inhibition
  • Indications:
    • Mild to moderate pain
    • Adjunct in severe pain
    • Useful in patients who cannot tolerate opioids
  • Dosing:
    • 50-100mg PO q. 4-6 hours prn.
      • Start at low dose to minimize side effects
      • Max dose 400mg/day
  • Availability:
    • Tablets 10mg, 25mg, 50mg, 75mg, 100mg
  • Side effects:
    • Dizziness, vertigo, headache, constipation, nausea/vomiting
    • dyspepsia, pruritis, sedation
  • Precautions:
    • At high doses, seizure may occur, esp. if in combination with Tricyclics (amitriptylline)
    • Resp. depression, dependence are rare.
    • Reduce dose in elderly and renal impairment.