Mercy Staff Call Guidelines

Updated April 10, 2015
Author: Miller, VerLee

Description: Responsibilitites and Guidelines for WeekNight and WeekEnd Call at Mercy


Guidelines and Responsibilities for First and Second Call at Mercy.

WeekEnd Call Case Scheduling

T Miller 3/2013

If you are called to schedule a weekend case, do not set a start time earlier than 0800 unless it's an emergency. The OR teams switch call at 0700, so the on-coming team will not be paged until 0700. Thus, they cannot realistically start before 0800 on Saturday or Sunday. And, on weekends or evenings, you should be called by the surgeon. Please don't tell them otherwise. The Clinical Advisors are told that they will not have to notify the anesthesiologist or CRNA because the anesthesiologist will be called by the surgeon.

Emergency OB/GYN Cases at Fore River (other than C-Section)

L Bauer, T Miller 4/2015

Lucy Bauer and Tina Payne (Birthplace Manager) have clarified the protocol for doing emergency OB/GYN cases other than cesarean sections at Fore River. This would refer, for example, to post-partum D&Cs, removal of retained placentas, etc.

These cases will be done in the main Fore River OR (not the Birthplace ORs) and will use the OR call crew (circulating nurse and tech). The Birthplace will provide nurses and techs for cesarean sections.

Should you be called about such a case at night or on the weekend, direct people to set the case up it the main FR OR.