Mercy Hospital
Patient Selection / Exclusion Policies

Updated May 9, 2015
Author: T. Miller, Chief

Description: Guidelines for Triage and Exclusion of Patients and Case types for surgery at Mercy Hospital


Certain categories of patients and surgical procedures have been determined to be inappropriate for care at the Mercy Hospital. Other patients, due to co-morbidities or other factors, may require their surgery at State Street or Fore River Campus.

Pediatric Tonsillectomy

Children ages 3 to 12 years having tonsillectomies for sleep-disordered breathing:


These patients must be watched carefully postoperatively for possible airway obstruction.  They should not be discharged home until at least two hours have passed since they left the operating room.  If clinically significant apnea occurs repeatedly or pain is not manageable with oral analgesics, then overnight admission should be considered at a facility capable of managing a post-operative pediatric airway obstruction.


This does not apply to isolated adenoidectomies or to tonsillectomies for other indications, such as chronic tonsillitis.


Children age under 3 years

Elective tonsillectomies are not allowed at Mercy for children under the age of 3 years. (These patients require overnight admission for observation, and inpatient services are not available at Mercy for children in this age group)


ForeRiver Campus Patient Exclusion Criteria (pdf document)

Certain patients are not appropriate for surgery at Fore River Campus.