FibreOptic 'Scope Cleaning
on Nights & Weekends (MERCY)

Updated October 6, 2014
Author: J. Walden

Description: Making sure that the FO Bronchoscope & FO Laryngoscope is cleaned appropriately after use on nights and weekends

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From: Walden, Janell []
Sent: Friday, May 23, 2014 2:02 PM
Subject: Fiberoptic scopes

Hello everyone,

I want to clarify the procedure for “ after hour”¬† cleaning of the fiberoptic bronchoscopes. Our anesthesia techs do a great job of keeping track of the scope use at State Street. There¬† have been many days that the techs were scrambling to insure that we had a clean FOB at the ready, in anticipation of the difficult airway that can occur at any time. I appreciate their diligence in this area.
As an update, the respiratory therapy department has graciously agreed to assist us with cleaning of the FOB after hours, when the need arises. Please be respectful of their work flow and time. If you are involved in a case that may run later in the day, make every attempt to communicate with the anesthesia techs as to when your scope will be available for cleaning. We will continue to work toward cleaning the FOB ourselves. The respiratory therapy department involvement is a backup, put in place to assist in providing safe patient care.
If a FOB needs cleaned by respiratory, please give them a call as soon as possible. This will assist them in planning their work flow. Be sure you place a patient sticker on the scope. Also, leave a note on the board in the anesthesia work room so the techs will know they need to pick up the cleaned scope.
I appreciate everyone’s help as we worked through this issue. The main focus is always the patient. By working together, we can promote the Culture of Safety so vital to our daily practice.
Thank you again,

Janell Walden CRNA
Manager of Anesthesia
Mercy Health System of Maine
207-553-6277 office