Mercy Hospital
Massive Transfusion Protocol

Updated January 27, 2015
Author: F. Altman MD

Description: Mercy Hospital Massive Transfusion Protocol: for OR, Trauma, and Obstetrics

for Maine Medical Center MT Protocol, click here


A Tackle Box with all the necessary equipment and instructions is kept on Obstetrics and in the Anesthesia Workroom at the ForeRiver Campus, and in the Anesthesia WorkRoom at the State Street Campus.

MT Box Closed MT Box Open

How to Initiate the MT Protocol

A detailed, step by step outline is included in the Tackle Box. If you need another copy, you can print one here.

Blood Tubes

Tubes for Blood Specimens to the Transfusion Service (Blood Bank) are included in the Tackle Box

Transfusion Service (Blood Bank) Phone Number

The Transfusion Service (Blood Bank) telephone number is extension 3283, from both campuses.

Get Help

Management of Massive Transfusion works best with FIVE people:

A. TWO Anesthesia Providers, one to start IV's and Manage Anesthesia, the other to gather transfusion equipment, sign off bags, administer transfusions, clotting factors, Calcium, etc. Call in Help if needed.

B. Circulation Nurse and Assistant to:

C. A Runner to take lab samples to lab ands return with Blood Products