Mercy Clinic for Surgical Services (CSS)

Updated January 4, 2015
Author: Miller

Description: Responsibilities of the CSS Doc (for preop patient assessment) at Mercy Hospital

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Responsibilities of Clinic Physician (MHFR5)

So that you clear on the duties, I'll briefly outline them:

  1. Go to clinic as soon as Fore River can reduce to 2 docs, preferably by 1400.
  2. See patients who have appointments for consultation with an anesthesiologist.  This number is steadily increasing as we are seeing patients with comorbidities who are not scheduled for hospitalist comanagement.
  3. Additional consultations for very complicated patients who may be scheduled for comanagement in addition.  These visits are more than just a "preop".  These include patients for whom we are frankly discussing perioperative risks to make sure that the patient really wants to proceed with surgery.  (Thus far some have elected to cancel their operation after speaking with the anesthesiologist.)
  4. Review charts of complicated patients that have been forwarded for decisions by the nurse practitioner.
  5. Advise the nurse practitioner as needed.
  6. Call primary care, consultant, and surgeon's offices as needed.
  7. Frankly, many days I feel more like I'm back in my internal medicine continuity clinic than an "anesthesiology" clinic, but that is the idea.
  8. Days can vary:  I've been done by 1500, but I've also had several days that went beyond 1700.

Anthony C. Miller, MD
Chief, Division of Anesthesia
Medical Director, Anesthesiology
Medical Director, Clinic for Surgical Services
Mercy Hospital