UltraSound Machine Tips & Tricks

Updated August 3, 2014
Author: Miller, VerLee

Description: Info & Tips to operate the various U/S machines in use at Spectrum Sites

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GE Logiq(e) Machine: at Mercy Hospital

Some quick notes about the ultrasound machines (all of this applies to both machines):

-Downloading the patient information at the beginning of the day has not changed.

-Saving Images: Touch Freeze, then P1 (labelled "Store" on the new machine).  Hitting P1 without Freeze will save a 3 sec Cine loop, which is fine if you need to do that for a special reason.  However it takes much more disk space to store, so only use if necessary.

Saving Images


-At the end of the exam, simply touch "Patient".  No need to hit End Exam (old machine) or Data Transfer (new machine).  Hitting the "Patient" button automatically ends the exam and archives the images.

end exam


-When you connect to the network again, the images should automatically download.  Don't worry if they do not go immediately, they are kept on the hard drives, and Danielle and I will store them there for six months.



-If you get yourself "lost" in a mode you do not recognize, hit the "B" button, which will return you to the B-mode ultrasound screen that should look familiar.

End Study

-Please hit "Freeze" as soon as you are done with the machine (this stops energizing the probes), and also turn the machines off at the end of the day.

When I have time, I'll prepare a detailed set of instructions, including some features of the new machine, changes on the old machine, image optimization, etc.  I'll also include screen shots.  Eventually, the old machine will be moving to State Street.