Blood Tubes for Lab: Which Color?

Updated April 27, 2015
Author: VerLee

Description: When asked to draw blood to send to the Lab, which Color Tube to Use for which test?

Blood Tubes for Labs: Which Color?

CSF, Pleural Fluid
Pericardial Fluid
Peritoneal Fluid
Dark lavender (hard top) 2 cc minimum
PT / PTT, Fibrinogen, Thrombin Time, Fibrin Degradation Products (FDP), D-dimer,
Factor Assays (II,V,VII,VIII,IX,X,XI,XII, vWF Ag),
Fibrinolysis Assays
Blue Top 4.5 cc
DIC screen
(Post-Open Heart Panel)

 2 Blue tops

1 Dark lavender

 4.5 cc each

2 cc

Basic Metabolic Panel or
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
Dark Green 2 cc (OR Solution Room)
Basic Metabolic Panel or
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
LIGHT Green If you use a LIGHT GREEN tube, the remainder of the blood can be stored for a while if you later decide you want an additional test 2 cc (OR Solution Room)
Type & Screen
Type & Crossmatch
Pink Plastic 
4 cc minimum,
7 ml preferred
MD must Sign Label
Gray Top
Pediatric Type & Screen
Pediatric Type & Cross
labeled 2 cc light lavender w/ black rubber (OR Solution Room) 2 cc
MD must Sign Label
Pediatric PT / PTT labeled 2.7 cc clear top w/ blue rubber (OR Solution Room)  2.7 cc

Obtaining a Properly-drawn Sample: