Ultrasound for Regional Blocks at OA

Updated April 13, 2015
Author: McAllister

Description: Tips for Using the GE Logiq E U/S Machine at OA

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Tips for Using the GE Logiq U/S Machine at Orthopaedic Associates

  1. Turning on Machine:
    1. Click the circular button on the upper left of keyboard
    2. Click “cancel” on screen for initial window asking for a password
  2. Enter the Patent Info:
    1. Push the “Patient” button in the lower left on keyboard
    2. Click “New Patient” on the screen
    3. Enter patient first and last name, MRN, and DOB
    4. Press “Patient” button again
  3. Begin Exam
    1. For TIps on Knobology, got to Mercy U/S Pages (they have the same Machine)
  4. To Store an Image:
    1. Ensure patient name is at the top of the exam window
    2. Obtain desired image on screen
    3. Press the “Freeze” button
    4. Press the “P1” button to store the image to the hard drive
    5. Press the “Freeze” button again to resume imaging
    6. Once imaging is complete, press the “End Exam” button on the keyboard and then click “Permanent Store” on the screen
  5. To Print: Press the “P2” button
  6. Please print an image and include this with your written block note to be scanned into the patients computer record.