PET Scans at Scarborough Radiology

Updated November 17, 2014
Author: J. Flowerdew

Description: Tips on Management & Logistics of doing PET Scans at Scarborough Radiology

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PET Scans at Scarborough Radiology

November 12, 2014

 I have done a couple of these and they are typically straight forward and very similar to doing an MIBG.  In most cases Patty from SSC will be your nurse.  She is very familiar with the layout and process.  Here are some points to consider.

 1)  The PET scanner is a mobile unit that is semi-permanently attached to the back of Scarborough radiology  department.  There is an elevator platform lift that can move equipment or a patient on a stretcher into/out of the mobile unit.  It can also be used as a storage place for extra equipment - I actually use it to keep the code cart handy.

 2)  The patient will be injected with some radioactive substance 45 minutes prior to scan.  They will then stay in this special room on the mobile unit which you are allowed to go into (this is where I do my pre-op).  I typically ask for radiology to call me when they are injecting and then head over as this is a reliable indicator of start time.

 3)  The PET scanner looks just like the MIBG/CT and also has a CT scanner built in to it.  The actual scan process is almost identical to the MIBG/CT process and you are allowed to remain in the scan room (except for the quick CT scan).  The PET scan should take about 45-60 minutes.

 4)  There is a mobile computer that you can use, but there is no connectivity with Epic to the portable monitor, you must manually enter all data.

 5)  These kids all have intravenous access, so it is pretty much straightforward propofol gtt anesthesia.  You will not need anything special and one length of propofol tubing will be sufficient.  You will need to get the portable monitor close to the scanner because the length of the CO2 monitor tubing is a little short (but will work).

 6)  There is enough room to have the blue bell and code cart in the scanner room if you want, but I typically just bring the blue bell in and leave the code cart 5 feet away on the platform lift.

 7)  I have recovered the patients in the scanner room as there is no formal recovery room and it only takes 15 minutes.  Radiology staff has no problems with us doing this and it saves having to transfer the patient to a stretcher and move them using the lift.