About This Site



26 July 2015

These web pages are the result of sixteen years of accumulation, editing, and web publishing of Anesthesia-Specific clinical data and information critical to my practice of anesthesia.

Because other practitioners have found the same information valuable, I am sharing it with them, and with you.

I have always had the view that this site is a collaborative effort with input from many skilled clinicians. In many ways I am just the librarian, sometimes the editor, and occasionally the author.

The Site, although tailored to the specific practice of anesthesiology at Spectrum Medical Group locations, has always been open and available to all anesthesia practitioners, especially residents and CRNAs who have worked with us and who have gone on to different geographical locations. The only restricted areas are those that contain personal information like individual telephone numbers and other personal data.

To get a perspective on popularity of topics and frequency of page access, I subscribe to a service which analyzes these parameters, as well as others. This service may set a "cookie" on your computer to help with this analysis.


-Tom VerLee
July 2014

A little about the History of theAPMS.com (pdf)